Monday, 11 July 2011

How is my Christmas List Going?

A few posts ago I rashly promised to make ALL my Christmas presents. How is it going? Well the hardest thing of all is deciding what to make for everyone. The danger is making something purely for the fact that it's a hand made present. Not everyone likes hand made things. I once made lots of lovely covered coat-hangers (which I love) and no one commented! Were they so well made that people thought they were shop bought? I think I might buy this month's edition of Molly Makes for a bit of inspiration. May be I'll start writing a list...

I have made one thing so far, of which I'm proud:

(He's an Ewok)

I found him on the inspiring blog of Lucy Ravenscar who has successfully managed to combine her interests with those of her sons' and my son's too, which is no mean feat, take it from me. You can buy the pattern for the Ewok and other Star Wars characters from Lucy's Etsy shop.

Following the themes of crochet and the interest of small boys, I am in the middle of making an Adipose which I found on a great site called By Midknight via a very useful site called Free Amigurumi Patterns that does what it says on the tin.

Emma x

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