Saturday, 19 May 2012

Purl Bee

Many of you will probably be familiar with the amazing wool and fabric shop Purl in New York's Soho. Purl Bee, their craft blog has a huge selection of patterns for really cool and contemporary things (I hesitate to use the word 'projects'), from stripy blankets to string bags. I have made quite a few of them for presents. Here are two. The owl never made it out of the house because we got a bit attached to him.

My husband recently went to NY to work and I casually mentioned that if he happened to pass Purl, could he get me a couple of things. Imagine my surprise when he phoned to say he was standing in the shop. I was grateful and jealous all at the same time. Being a photographer, he also took a few snaps for me and here they are.

LOOK at all that wool! Seeing the owl and the baby cardigan in the shop is weird. Like seeing a celebrity. I felt like I knew them. I'll stop. They have a great machine to wind the hanks of wool into balls and that's mine on the machine.