Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Mrs McGregor

I've been digging and thinking.
This spring we planted vegetables.  Finally.  Just a few. And today, after only a few short weeks, my daughter and I brought salad to the table.  From our garden. It felt miraculous. LOOK at those lettuce. Just call me Mrs McGregor.

Everything is so willing to grow with just a little attention. It made me think about how living creatively is easier than we imagine - a packet of seeds or a bit of wool, a hook and a few stolen minutes here and there makes all the difference.
Lou x

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  1. Ok then, Mrs McGregor. ;)

    I miss not having a garden; we grew lots of things before moving here. My best memories are of staying with my grandparents and Nanny walking up the garden with lettuce, radishes, spring onions and tomatoes for our supper. How fab for T. Jo x

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