Monday, 27 June 2011


We are about to start another set of monthly craft evenings at Wickle and this is our first one, which I think is a cracker. Bunting is the perfect thing to make when you are learning to crochet, it's easy, quick and so darn tasty. Lou and I did lots of research into crocheting bunting and in the end it was my neighbour who showed me how she makes it. She seems to be a natural at making stuff and she learnt how to crochet off the internet. The internet teacher failed to tell her that you have to work a chain at the end of each row to allow for the height of the stitch. She soon discovered that if you don't do this the sides gradually taper inwards and lo, her bunting pattern was born. So thank you Anna. You can find details of our class here.

Along the way we discovered this wonderful pirate bunting made by a crochet genius and posted on her blog Stitch and Steel. She is very generous and shares her patterns. I sent it to Lou because she's a skull fan and it was a race to see who could make one first! 

I sewed one on my boy's blanket before he went to camp.

What is even more exciting is that the crochet genius lives just down the coast from us and we're going to hook up (!!) and do something together. Exciting.

Emma x (I think Lou might want to talk about the bunting too)

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