Sunday, 17 July 2011

A Day Out in Camberwell

I braved the rain yesterday and took a train and a bus to Camberwell to visit New Gallery Jumble, the eco friendly jumble sale/café/art/craft happening I mentioned in my last post. It was held just around the corner from a basement flat that I had lived in when I'd first (finally) left college. It was like stepping back in time because all the people at NGJ were the age I was when I'd lived there and Camberwell hasn't changed a bit. I took my friend to a café that my husband and I used to go to for a Sunday breakfast treat. It's name had changed but that was all. The same vegetable shop was there and the bread shop. It was only me that had aged. Is Camberwell some spooky Dorian Gray type attic?

Anyway, I enjoyed my visit to New Gallery Jumble. Sadly I think that the rain had put folks of coming which meant I had the pick of the activities there. So while an illustrator called Kraggy painted a tote bag 'live' for me I sat down and made a creature for my son (who has named him Bob). I also bought a great print which you can see in the second picture down to the right of Tatiana's head, the one with all the heads on it. I did stop short at making a flower wreath for my hair. New Gallery Jumble is run by Tatiana Woolrych and started as a college project. I gather that it is usually buzzing and I know that if I was my younger self and still living around the corner I'd make it a regular haunt. One thing in Camberwell has changed. The art students are a lot more sorted than I was.

Tatiana and her shopping wall


Emma x

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