Thursday, 11 November 2010

Tying The Knot

I couldn't remember how to sew a french knot.  Did I ever know?
It didn't matter.  I had YouTube.  And there it was.
Better still, I had Scandinavian Needlecraft by Clare Youngs.  This book is the business. Have a look. It took me home to Denmark; to summers in red clogs with my family; to tables set with candles, fresh flowers and runners that Mormor had cross stitched; to the farm; to the sea; to scrubbed wooden floors, light, woolen blankets, and the simple pleasure of cotton cloth set with apple juice and biscuits on the beach. And then to Sweden where my first child was born almost eighteen years ago.

(Photographs of Scandinavian Needlecraft Cico Books 2010)
So, we called my parents, lit the fire and spent the evening laughing and tying ourselves in knots over the crossword while I remembered the smell of pine and beech forests and that I could sew. I finished a couple of advent stockings.  For the first time this year, Christmas seemed to come a slipper step closer.  

Lou x

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