Saturday, 13 November 2010


Every time we open the doors of Make Believe Café, we invite Hygge. And Hygge always appears clothed in the candle light, in the warmth between us all, the chatter, the pleasure of making something beautiful or useful, a sip of wine, a bite of home made cake, the sense of being a part of something that is bigger than ourselves, community and connection, the possibility of friendship, the anticipation of a good time.
Hygge (pronounced ‘hoogah’ with a pinch of the lips and a bit of a smile) is a Danish word.  It comes from an old norse word meaning 'well being'.  When we hygge, we feel content, cozy, warm and reassured; we feel welcome, we share, we belong.  
It’s a very Danish way of celebrating the moment and each other.  It's all about family, friends and simple pleasures.
At Wickle last night, we ‘hygge-ed’.  We lit lanterns, filled baskets and jam jars with felt, vintage buttons, bright beads and jewel-coloured embroidery thread. And then we made small stockings and decorated them with french knots, blanket stitch and imagination. The plan is to make twenty five of them, (twenty four if you’re Danish and dance around your tree on Christmas Eve) and to fill them with treats - one for each day of advent.
It was like being invited to Father Christmas’s workshop, to sew stockings fit for elves; the walls stacked high with toys; wooden trains, knights, pink tutus, dolls, puzzles, necklaces and fairy wings.
I left feeling alive and happy.
Thank you Wickle and to all of you who came to hygge with us.

Lou x

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