Saturday, 13 November 2010

Starring Role

This morning we appeared at Laporte’s with arms full of tissue paper.  At the long, red table by the window, we made huge white flowers and origami stars and drank our favourite (mother) Pukka teas. 
We felt very much part of the colourful life that flows through Laporte’s - people popped in and out to shelter from the rain, grab a handful of carrots or five minutes to sit and savour a coffee and the paper or treat themselves to one of Treacle and Company’s delicious cakes.
It would have been so easy to lose the whole day to the warmth and comfort of the café and the flow of chatter and creative activity.  

The style guru, Ilse Crawford says,
"We carry within us, in a small warm spot, the idea of home. Home as a safe place, a loving place, and a creative place".
If you can't be at home on a rainy Friday morning, Laporte's could be the next best thing.
Thank you Tanya, Indianna and Elle for a happy, messy, peaceful morning.
(Laporte's Cafe, 4 Lansdown Place, Lewes.  Tel: 01273 478817)
Lou x

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