Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Putting on Big Girl Pants

Autumn makes me want to wear slippers, cashmere and big knickers.  Sadly, I can't afford the cashmere but I have found knitted slippers.  Look.

A red bucket full, by our front door for cold feet and comfort.  They were made by the hairdresser's (Needlemakers, Lewes) mum.  I'm sure she has no idea how much we value them.

My gorgeous, crafty aunt Hanne taught us (repeatedly) to make some that are very similar. Here they are.

We've worn them since childhood. They eventually wear thin.  First we beg her for more to wear out then we put on two pairs in the hope of covering the holes we don't have time to mend.  Then, we felt them. All very worthy but I do want to knit them myself.  Or crochet my own 'virgin' as our four year old would say. Now, there's a thought.

L x

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