Monday, 3 October 2011

MBC Retreat

Emma, Louisa and I have often talked about getting a way for a weekend together but have never actually managed it. This weekend we seized the opportunity that the late October sunshine provided and headed to nearby Bently Wild Fowl Park. Here in the middle of an empty field stands a glamped up shepherds hut.

Its impecabble interior made it the perfect MBC retreat.

Impressed and giggly at managing to engineer a night with no children and no distractions we planned so much crafting fun. Emma and I both took our knitting - we planned to crack a simple babies booties pattern, whilst write publicity material for a friends new business. However, like all good crafters we got distracted. When Lou arrived brandishing wine and chocolate all good intentions quickly evaporated.

We had a wonderful time snuggled up in our den. We read glossy mags and discussed the pros and cons of being Katie Price!

As for making - thanks must go to Lou for creating an excellent fire and our morning hangovers quickly abated when we spotted a bumper crop of sloe berries, ripe for picking and just in time for making sloe gin in time for Christmas.

I guess it just goes to show that when you make time, you can quickly fill it with fun x

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