Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Grandma's Cardies

I am very lucky to have some of my grandma's old cardigans. However she lived with lots of moths and they also liked her cardies. To cover up their handy work I decided to do a little handy work of my own. Here are the results:

You could do any type of embroidery to cover up a hole. On a plain woollen garment it's very hard to hide even the neatest stitching, so making a feature of it can be a good way around it. I was looking for good links to illustrate decorative darning. I didn't find many but I came across this post on 'my favourite colour is shiny' by Ginny Branch Stelling. It's got a little bit  about darning, but I really liked the book she'd bought, and it's a lovely site to browse.

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