Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Secret Pants Club

In a world that is stressful there is something so comforting about coming together to giggle and make.
Saturday saw 15 ladies gather for Pimp Your Pants.

The room was part of a bigger warehouse. We dressed it in the most simple fashion - I wanted it clean, bright and uncluttered. Think a cross between Warhol's Factory and a fairy wedding and you have it! Nina Simone belted out that she was "Feelin Good" and our make believers sipped dry cocktails.
For someone with limited making skills - yes I am really that cack-handed - the prospect of Wonderweb, fabric glue and hot irons was so exciting. Finally I was being let loose with the making kit!
It was a true delight to rummage in the ribbon box and cut shapes. I stuck on sequins, splodged the fabric paint and ironed on skull patches.

All around the room girls were doing the same thing. There was a very calm atmosphere with people chatting, music playing and relaxed laughter. Outside the wind was howling and we were safe and busy making.
As with all of our events, when the time was up people wanted to stay on. This was a break from the real world - a chance to let your mind wander and play with sparkles and glue! Downstairs the good folk of Cafe Des Artistes had supper waiting and the evening rolled on in a sedate and yummy fashion.
A huge thanks to Emma and Sam for helping me to run and create this event. It was my baby and one that I am very proud of.
The next day I met up with a good friend who had pimped her pants with us - "Are you wearing them?" I whispered. "Yes" she grinned. I felt like I was in a secret girls club... shh


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