Friday, 8 October 2010

Small Batch, Great Coffee

This afternoon I sat on a high stool by the window in the Small Batch Coffee Companysavouring a latte, the smell of freshly roasted and ground coffee and the people who flowed in to chat, pick up a bag of beans or reward themselves when they stepped off the train.
They are a boutique coffee roasting company based in Hove, East Sussex committed to roasting coffee in small batches; experts in this part of the long journey a coffee cherry makes from tree to cup.

(These first two photographs are taken from their brochure)
All the green beans that they buy are ethically sourced.

Sat on a pile of full coffee sacs, you can watch the roasting through an open door way.
It's alchemy.

I go back on Friday to pick up the small batch that will be freshly roasted for us.
What a pleasure.

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